Friday, October 14, 2016

Flysky iA6 iBUS Setup

The Flysky iA6 receiver is PWM only receiver.  It doesn't even support PPM.  It is a low cost and compact receiver for the Flysky i6 Transmitter.

iBUS Hack

 If you know how to solder and compile your own copy of Cleanflight/Betaflight firmwares you can have an iBUS receiver using the FS-iA6.  It is very compact once you remove the pins and only uses the iBUS wires.


Use this versions of the files then recompile.

Read the RCGroup user darven that started it here

Read the betaflight PR here.


This is just an alternative if you have extra iA6 receivers.  The FS-iA6B is the same price as the iA6 and it has ibus/ppm port and can output 10 channels on ibus configuration.


Unknown said...

What version of cleanflight did you use because anytime I try to compile cf with the new file, I get multiple errors.

Unknown said...

Sorry, just to be clear, is that the signal output? so the +- goes to any of the power pads, and signal goes directly to the IC?

dexo said...

there is a problem when this ibus line is connected to cc3d fc.
does not recognize radio receiver.
solution is to power up fc first, then after fc boots, we connect ibus to main port.
i think adding some diode should solve the problem, but i didnt test that.

Ardy Seto said...

now cleanflight based (CF, BF, INAV) support IBus Telemetry, it will be great too if this receiver (iA6) can get data from IBus Telemetry :)

Stefan73 said...

It works - but it seems unstable. Connected an ia6 with the IBUS mod to a SP Racing F3 on UART3.
- IBUS communication fails, if USB connection has been built up before the receiver gets powered up
- sporadic loss of IBUS communication
The latter one is a killer. Is there a fix?